Items Everyone Should Pack When Traveling

“You might just never know until you go.”  -Anonymous, found on

A person will usually make a checklist of everything they are wanting to bring when traveling.  The checklist includes common items such as clothes, toiletries, glasses and contacts, hats, etc.  However, there are a few things that travelers don’t think about putting on their list.  Before leaving the house, the traveler usually has a feeling that they forgot something and leaves them wondering.  They usually do not remember what they forgot until they need it.  There are a few items that everyone needs to put on their checklist when traveling.

First aid kit.  Whether one is traveling alone or with a family, they should always have a first aid kit at hand.  The traveler is not expected to be prepared for the emergency room, but something little with Band-Aids and medicine will do.  According to, “A small, portable kit with the essentials should be carried with you at all times.”  It will be convenient if one gets a headache, or a kid falls and scraped his or her knee on a family vacation.  First aid kits are always a good thing to have, because you never know when something will happen!  First aid kits are very easy to purchase.  More expensive kits can be found here at REI, and cheaper kits can be found on here on Amazon.

Money belt.  Money belts are essential when traveling abroad.  They normally go around the waist and under the traveler’s clothes to keep money and other valuables in there secure.  One should not be leaving a lot of money in their hotel room, and that is why money belts are so useful.  One can put large amounts of money in there while traveling and not have to worry because it is strapped onto their body.  Money belts also prevent pickpockets.  According to,  Barcelona, Spain, and Rome, Italy are the worst places for this.  A good website to purchase a reasonably priced money belt is Eagle Creek.

Adapters.  When one is traveling overseas, it is always important to think about what adapter is needed.  Travelers will not be able to charge electronics or use items to style one’s hair without it.  One’s phone is usually dead after a long plane ride, so it’s a terrible feeling after finally getting to the hotel room and realizing it’s not there.  It is extremely easy to find what adapters go to what locations around the world.  All one has to do is look it up online or glance at the helpful chart below!  A cheap set of popular adapters around the world can be  found here at Target.

Everyone knows the common items to pack, but the traveler must think ahead for all situations.  Check lists are extremely important, but one must have the right items on the check list to get the most out of it.  There are a few items that everyone needs to put on their checklist when traveling, and just some of these items include a first aid kit, a money belt, and adapters.  adapters

ultimate packing checklist_preview.png














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